SOUNDSCAPE / a 3D environment for audio exploration
concept & programming - agoston nagy, 2011

>> stop/look/listen <<


The user is continuously discovering a soundscape while moving in a three dimensional (FPS like) space. People can observe nonlinear strategies while running into sounds placed onto different locations. A narrative conversation, thought fragments, tones of an instrument are creating unique cognitive space and personal associations. Thus the space acts like a simple 2D mixer that can be experienced by moving around on its "surface".



soundscape from binaura on Vimeo.

This piece is a collaboration with students from the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts & Design. Their role was to design any kind of sound using free and open tools to discover sonic interaction strategies for ambient & background athmospheres. The visual appearance & graphical user interface is built with Processing using mesh landscape generation from toxiclibs and data communication from the oscP5 library. The sound playback, filtering, panning, amplitude control is made with Pure Data. Creation of the sounds were part of the Creative Sound Course, 2011 spring, made by students at MOME Media Design Departure, BA.


Download binaries

OSX (zipped archive, 2.3 Mb)
WIN (zipped archive, 3.8 Mb)

PD PATCHES (all platform, zipped archive, 332 Mb)
step 1) start soundengine.pd
step 2) start soundscape
note: you need Pd-extended 0.42 to run the sound engine patch