This is a experiment to create the illusion of a nervous-system which is expanding and making new neural connections. This is aimed to use in a performance, where the actor will get his memories back while recovering from amnesia.

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This is my first sketch on android operating system. I've used processing for android ( which is a very simple to use android "SDK". You just hit run, and it runs on your attached device :)

You can draw in two modes (draw or throw), every time you touch the screen a new colos scheme is generated. The screen is slowly fading in a paper like pattern.

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Optimized particle system with collision detection.
My Processing version is a port of Kyle McDonald C++ code (made for openfrmeworks)
The particle are trying to keep distace from each other, while a force is attracting them to the middle of the sceen.

As the result of these rules applied on 3000 particles, very nice, natural looking patterns can appear.

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This is a simple spring simulation. I've created a grid of springs, and to each joint points I attached the corresponding points of an image. We tested it on a multitouch table, so you could play with multiple fingers.

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This is a test for using Box2D for simulating realistic body motion. It is planned to use in the next version of Animata (

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Code: Openframeworks

This is a visual effect test for my new project...
Pseudo code:

live video -> threshold filter -> blob detection -> apply voronoi tessalation to the edge points -> remove lines crossing the screen borders-> draw diagram

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Code: Processing

This is a concept for a LED sculpture. In this installation all the elements have the same functionality. If one node gets an electric impulse it triggers the other connected to it. In this was you can achive simple spreading behaviours. Because of the non centralized mechanism, this structure can ba applyed to any size and any shape. The input can be a human touch of a node, so this contact information can travel through space creating an abstract virtual structure in the installation itself...

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