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This online interface is an experimental documentation of sounds for a sound installation. It is a multichannel visual sound mixer that is using verlet physics to move different sound sources around on the screen. By filtering and mixing the sounds together in one "playground", the application is creating an everchanging kinetic system, thus making possible to literally feel and try the diffusing fields and the sonic qualities of the soundscapes that were originally available on the actual installation spaces during the exhibitions. The sounds are field recordings from different cities across Europe. Find out more about the original exhibition series here.

The code is written in Javascript using ProcessingJS and the recently introduced WebAudio API that is currently available in Google Chrome. The physics engine that is used for the kinetic behavior of the system is made with ToxiclibsJs (a javascript port of Toxiclibs computational design library that is originally developed for processing). The source is available on GitHub.

Agoston Nagy / stc(at) / 2012