Existing versions: Web Application (HTML5, JavaScript)
Year: 2015

Loom is a small drawing-based musical instrument. The lines of a drawing define pitches on specific soundscales. The vertical position refers to pitch, while horizontal alignment defines time-based rhytmic patterns. This initial state can be changed by rotating the drawing, so pitch becomes rhythm and vice versa. Players can experience the relativeness of these two concepts (x-axis = time, y-axis = pitch) in a funny and playful way.


Loom was commisioned by the Hungarian Palace of Arts (Müpa) to promote a special musical event, called OrgonaMatrix. The concert’s aim was about to use the organ of Müpa in a non-standard way, controlled by computers, physical movements interpreted with visual music. The concept was developed together with composer Ernő Z. Rubik, the idea of the promotion was very simple: make a small, playable intrument, where people can experience visual music through drawing gestures, so they get an introduction to the interchangeability and openness between visual, musical and gestural elements. Loom is made with recent web technologies using P5JS for interaction and drawing, and WebPd for sound synthesis. Artworks by the audience were shared on social media related to the event. At the moment, newer pieces can be experienced and shared at the Loom Tumblr Pool.

Above: Loom Interface, in action. - Click to try

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