If you're interested in creative coding, algorithmic art, sonification, data visualization, embedded devices and would like to improve your skills in creative technology, generative design, machine learning or installations - then our workshops might be extremely useful for your workflow. We are open to share knowledge through creative and playful ways in all types of social contexts including institutes, universities, companies, festivals, fairs, artistic residencies.

How do we work? Small groups of max. 10-12 people, with intensive, result oriented, practical tasks that are connecting technological knowledge with design thinking and philosophy. Our workshops usually last from short, half-day introductional presentations to more advanced, three day long process oriented sessions with heavy focus on hands-on experience.

Please write us if you are interested in our forthcoming topics and scenarios. Below you can find a selected list of our previous sessions

Drawing Machines
Location: Prezi HQ (Budapest)
Date: 2019

Location: EPAM (Singapore)
Date: 2018

Visual Music & Machine Learning 
Location: Prezi HQ (Budapest, H), U19/C3 (Bálna, Budapest, H) 
Fellow workshop leaders: Andrea Sztojanovits, Lorand Szécsényi-Nagy
Date: 2018

Creative Code (Turning Data to Art)
Location: Ponton Open Space (with MOME Open) (Budapest, H)
Date: 2017

Location: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts (Budapest, H)
Date: 2016

Sonic Instruments
Location: ISEA (Vancouver, CA), ICAD (Graz, A)
Date: 2015

Making things move with pixels (Arduino Day)
Location: Prezi HQ (Budapest, H)
Date: 2015

Procedural Drawing
Location: Sandharbh Artists Residency (Partapur, INDIA)
Date: 2014

Interaction Design
Location: Bergen Academy of Art & Design (Bergen, NO)
Date: 2013

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