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With this application you can train your mental rotation skills.

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This work represents the current stage of a long-term research aimed to create a tool / language able to generate dynamic compositions of forms and colors. The source for image synthesis is based on the results of physical simulations and mathematical procedures derived from patterns of nature.

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This is a visual instrument. In contrast to traditional composition methods this approach places intuition, randomness, playfulness in the focus of attention.

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It's been a difficult year. Probably the next one won't be any easier either. Bad news is pouring from the media. Everybody could use a bit of positivity in this situation. There's never been some much need of positivity around people and some good news instead of the bad ones.

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Oni-Games is a software collection where you can use your hands or even your whole body (without any special wearable) to control the interactive content. I've made these demos for the site: arena.openni.org, these are free to download.

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I've created this piece for a children's fesival, as an interactive paraphrase of a play called Negativ Variete. The installation encourage the audiance to play in a creative way, use their body as a tool of creation, move, run, jump, and make loud noises.

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