A dancer accumulates movement-tension in space with the presence of the audience. In this process he plays with imagination, (im)possibility, and transcendendence. He ends with almost imperceptibly slow and unfocused movements, a dance-approach towards white noise.

A video installation with infrared light shows visual paths of the movements and hints at the emotional layer of the performer by highlighting how he interacts with the audience, similar to how a black hole can be detected by its relation to nearby visible matter.
At the end everybody is welcome to accept soft metallic stripes to make their own visualized movement-tensions in space.

visuals: Bence Samu (HU)
choreography & dance: Thomas Körtvélyessy (NL/HU/DE)

I've used infrared lights, and reflective materials to detect the positions of the arms and legs. A custom made software (build with openframeworks and openCV) were detecing those signals and drawing a colored layer of slowly fading motion on top of the original footage.

testing the software:

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