Oni-Games is a software collection where you can use your hands or even your whole body (without any special wearable) to control the interactive content. I've made these demos for the site: arena.openni.org, these are free to download.


This software is a virtual canvas. All the three different "brushes" has their own intelligence, they all have diverse personalities. By using simple hand gestures you can create colourful blobs on the clean canvas.


The base idea of this software is to create an automatic party-VJ machine, where the visual is the dancing crowd itself. All participants can have their own unique virtual suite, as long as their dance in the view of the camera.


This is a hybrid (skill, logic, stamina) game. The goal is to collect the more points within the given time period. You can achieve points by collecting ball is a basket and feed them to the dragon. The more points a ball counts the more you collected in the basket. It is highly recommended to avoid black balls, since they are killing anything they touch.

Extra thanks for the graphics to Janos Gardos.

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