This is a visual instrument. In contrast to traditional composition methods this approach places intuition, randomness, playfulness in the focus of attention.

The body of the instrument is the interface itself. The graphic is minimalistic and 100% functional. Here every line has a meaning. What you can see you can hear and it is true for the other way around as well. The interface is the fusion of sound and image. The system organically changes as the user plays, it balances between order and chaos.

The base element is the Sound-Sphere. Imagine a planet, where the ball you drop, will always be bouncing, creating a perpetual-motion machine. The height of the drop controls the time between bounces, hence the rhythm.

Zooming is the other key part of the composition. By changing the perspective, the user is able to change different aspects of the sound. At the normal level, the rhythm can be created, in a deeper state it is possible to shape the triggered sounds.

What you can see you can hear. This statement is always true. By moving in the endless sound-space only the visible spheres are audible. The centre sphere is the loudest, by moving out of the screen the volume decreases, until it becomes completely silent.

This is how you create a simple composition.

You can try it yourself !

Download for Android:

DOWNLOAD for Windows


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