Japanese painting, contrasting the European, does not use perspective. Hence it doesn’t oblige the receptive to contemplate the picture form the outside. It aspires to let the audience be a part of the artwork. Ignoring concrete space and forms our imagination is called to integrate.
This video follows an analog guideline. Dramaturgy and the pictorial motifs are abstract enough to let the audience conceive the sight according to his own mood.
The film has no beginning or ending. It is an endless loop which recurs in a continuous cycle symbolizing timelessness.

video: Bence Samu (2002)
audio: Agonston Nagy

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Earth has been filling out with even more practical inorganic materials since we have discovered plastic. As it was easy to compose, but less to decompose, it is stored in refuse bins instead. This bin is not the first, who has put out and sung hysterically staring into the vision of hopeless future. The musty, alcoholic smell is ripped by a refuse car, which unburdens the disguised bin for a while.

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The story takes place on a very small part of the universe: a leaf. The creatures called blobs and they live in this macro world. They come into life, they dance and they disappear for ever.
This animation is based on it's sound track. The sound was created by generating hundreds of very simple random sequences. After a long selection only a few left and It cannot be called random any more, in theis case the selection is the creation.

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For us human beings, time can only flow into one direction. With every decision we make, we leave irrevocable, everlasting traces behind us. Each of our actions excludes a series of other, possible sequences from our lives. This video visualizes these action series seem to diverge from each other irreversibly until joining

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