A dancer accumulates movement-tension in space with the presence of the audience. In this process he plays with imagination, (im)possibility, and transcendendence. He ends with almost imperceptibly slow and unfocused movements, a dance-approach towards white noise.

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The installation tirelessly seaching the white noise of the ether looking for blurs of human faces. With sophisticated sensors and well optimalised algorithms, now we are able to reveal the unknown.

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This project was a cooperation with a group of designer students. We have created an installation for a new mercedes car. The goal was to build a dream like scenary, so we decidet to create some interactive surfaces. For me the most intresting part was to play with unusual projection surfaces and simple human interaction.

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I've created some multitouch applications during my research in Kitchenbudapest. (kibu)
This technology allows multiple users width multiple fingers to interact width the computer.

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Animata is an open source real-time animation software, designed to create animations, interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances.

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The Solar Tree is a plan for a pulic installation, wich collects reusable energy like solar and human energy, stores it and gives it back to the common in a different form. The algorithm wich controlls the positions of the panels is searching for the optimal energy usage. So it never stayes in the same state as the sun moves it changes it's structure. By rotating the wheels in front of the tree, it can receive energy from the passers-by. The energy is stored could be used to clear air or function as an air conditioner or simply light at night.

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The aim of this project was to imitate japanese paintings.
The garden is built up from three basic elements. The growing is based on certain algorithms, but each time accidental. The location of the elements are controlled by simple composition rules.

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