I made this small game for christmas to the child members of my family, but it turned out that the older generation also loves it.
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This game is a 2D phisics based pac-man clone, which can be projected onto any surface. At the beginning you have to map the obstacles manually, so you must chose your surface accordingly. The game is played by one player using a wii-mote.

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The goal of this project was to create a software wich can help people to enhance physical and mental capabilities like orientation, coordination, stamina and memory.

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This project was a three room installation for a press-award event. All the installations were interactive music games for the audiance to play with.

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Flow is a physics based image synthesizer. It's based on the simulation of particle flow in different force fields. Each particle leaves trails on the canvas. By changing some parameters of the system it can create vast variety of color compositions.

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The "language" of the instrument is based on three very simple building blocks: triggers, boxes, strings. These can form complex structures due to physical parameters on the surface (friction, gravity, forces, collision, etc). Sudden, unpredictable events arise, which gains improvisation, free play and gestural expression for the user.

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