Location: Artus Contemporary Art Studio (Budapest, H)
Format: Automated Drawing Machine 
Year: 2019


A drawing machine is creating images on top of a table. The visitors are welcome to place empty black papers in front of the machine. They can request a short, haiku-like prophecy by pressing a button on the table. These wisdoms are based on different artificial natural language processing (NLP) methods. The texts are generated by code, using stochastic and probabilistic methods, which are turned into a Twitter bot called Magic Realism Bot, made by Chris Rodley and Ali Rodley. The corpus of the generated result relies on some of the authors of magic realism (Jorge Louis Borges, Italo Calvino and others).

The original words that are created by the bot are then fed into Google Translate in order to turn them into Hungarian language. The device first writes the text, then it generates a generative visual illustration for it. The pictures can be taken away.

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