Live Performance at Synoptic Fest, Pécs (H)

“In 2010 our topic at Synoptic is “tracking”. It is a reaction to the scenery of society and personal relations in many aspects. Our rush and technology based lifestyle leads to superficial side-effects, which cause objectification, depersonalization and time-out. “Tracking” focuses on a set of technical instruments and services (GPS, Radar technology, Internet, Robotics…) and investigates the way how the individual becomes a powerful “tracker” or a defenseless “tracked”. Keeping track of time, place, people, events; the attachment or the indifference of the individual towards society or vice versa, the conscious or unconscious relation to time and space plays another important role in Synoptic’s theoretical background this year.” – from the Synopticwebsite.
Our performance is based on our previous installation “Alpha”. The projection mapping and synthesis is used together as an instrument to create generative, sound reactive animations, minimalistic glitchy sound textures with a wide range of overtones.

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