Mandala is the main sacred symbol in tibetian buddhism. Tool for meditation and praise. The geometric system around the center point is a representation of the universe. The initiate person is guided through the outer circles to the inner state: the lotus flower, image of the timeless. So mandala is a kind of psycho-cosmogram which can be percieved in three dimensions through meditation.

Sziget Fest, Budapest, H (2006)

The forefront is the region of outer circles. You can see two mirrors (monitors) which show the illusion of your material body. Step in, walk trough the path. While you reach the center point of the system, a camera observs: you can see your trip on the canvas and you can hear your movements. The sounds are simple harmonics. These sounds are similar to the “khomei” sing of monks: they use one keynote and produce different harmonics of it. This can help focusing the mind.


Custom built software, canvas, computer vision, stereo sound
Thanks to Antal Bodoczky

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