A 24 hours long open air performance at the Prototypen Festival, Dortmund


“Global warming and climate change are a fact, which is controversially debated – not primely since the world climate summit in Copenhagen. The festival Prototypes//: offers the opportunity to give new and creative impulses considering the essential topic „energies“ in order to subtend the confusing political and economic situation. The intent of the festival is to give this global problem a face, which is not a horror scenario, but an inspiring challenge. The visitor marks the matching key for this ambition, as he changes from the passive role into activity, whereas producing energy himself.” – from the site of LABSA

The installation is a sonic playground with analog effect boxes, found objects and reused electronics. A continuous process of dripping water (catched and effected) is creating the natural background rhythm for the sound. People are welcome to make all type of noise.

Prototypes://Multimedia Festival without electricity from binaura on Vimeo.




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