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The artist are mainly working in the fields of visual communication, including interaction design, animation, graphic design, experimental interfaces, and other, reactive environments. The collective regularly gives international workshops and lectures on these topics.

Ágoston Nagy
Bence Samu and Ágoston Nagy are working and experimenting with the relations of movement, sound and image. They are building software based interfaces, physical installations using free and open source tools.
Bence Samu
Their international workshops and exhibitions are focusing on interaction, creative coding, open source exchange of ideas. Opening and modifying existing commercial tools are part of their working process. They have several international collaborations with independent theatre companies, media labs and Design Universities.
Dóri Sirály
Dóri Sirály is a graphic designer, working with different media from traditional paper publications to progressive digital web related contents. She has been created unique visual identities to Roham, Kitchen Budapest, KÉK amongst other innovative interdisciplinary communities & companies.
Dániel Huszár
Dániel Huszár is working with animations and motion design. His works are known internationally. Apart of 2D digital animation and film directing, his works are built on different analog solutions, stop-motion technic, hand crafted scene design. He is often building physical artistic installations for different clients.