No Distance. No Contact
The project investigates people’s interactions in a given public space and present the changes of non-perceptible energy fields between them via sound-experiences. The sound content is adapted to the given location and speaks to the local community about the hidden aspects of their life. The aim of this microsite is to experience the spatial quality of these everchanging soundfields via a unique interactive perspective. Users can literally feel and try the diffusing fields and the filtered qualities of the sonic landscape that was originally available on the actual installation space.

Listen to the Sounds interactively
The html5 version needs a relatively fast computer with the latest Google Chrome.
Otherwise you can download an offline version to your platform (tested on OSX 10.7 & Win7) from above.
Partner Links - Szövetség’39, Crucible Studio, Ravensbourne, Stream Arts. Nuite Blanche
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