Some footage had been shot on the final day of the workshop on most of the projects we've been working on. These are experiments in a work-in-progress and/or conceptual state.  Below you can read more on the purpose of each experiment.

Experiment #1: Eystein - Dolly
This experiment is about to extend the act of recording footages by defining tilting and shifting movements to a camera. The presented example is a proof of concept for a controllable automated rotating tripod that was tried out in the forest.

Experiment #2: Tobias - Soundline          
How to translate an experience into another phenomena? By measuring and storing gps positions of a paraglider flight, one can experience the trip through a simple visualization of altitude and speed and the resulting sounds that they drive (work in process, test video). 

Experiment #3: Erik - Analog VU Meter
Measuring sound pressure by monitoring an incoming electrical signal on an analog input.

Experiment #4: Howard - Image Pixellation (with LED display setup)
Transmit video images to an abstract surface where pixels are not representing the image anymore. They create some fragmented memory snippets by indicating light and dark areas of the image source. The technique used here is a hack called charlieplexing. This enables the usage of more leds than the outputs we have.
Experiment #5: Monica - Reacting Portraits
This experiment is investigating the proximity between an image and an observer. Social behaviors can be coded and decoded by altering distances between the participants of a regular situation.

Published on  November 3rd, 2013