The workshop is about to cover the benefits and the disadvantages of digital systems. How do we interact with an instrument? What about a resonating body that is adapted by human culture and used for several occasions within the universe of music? What about new instruments that are missing this type of cultural preconceptions so creators have to build languages and new rules for the musician?

The session will introduce different, existing case studies within the field, including different types of digital interactions and sound related environments. Participants will investigate the ergonomy, usage, musical (artistic) productivity of these devices, based on the following criteria:

  • Expressive Constraints      
  • Autonomy
  • Music Theory
  • Explorability  
  • Required Foreknowledge      
  • Improvisation        
  • Generality
  • Creative-Simulation

The workshop is open for anyone interested in the fields of interactive music, sound design, generative arts, novel ways of communication. Basic knowledge of digital sound and a basic level of programming in any language is an advance.


The workshop involves different objects (any found material, microphones, small electronics, consumer devices) for the hands-on session. Participants are able to use any material (camera input, sensors, data) to realize and extend their conceptual plans. We are using simple (yet easily improvable and flexible) artistic tools such as Pure Data, Processing with Android.