Moment's Notice / optoacoustic performance / sound reactive visuals


Echo / a listening machine / realtime twitter bot sonification


Dürer in motion / interactive installation to tell the story of Jesus


1D-4D / generative imagery for the award winning performance, Drip Canon


Time-Table / a tangible interface to visualize the thoughts of Attila Jozsef around time


Shape Composer / composing for acoustic instruments by freehand drawings & visual patterns


Silence / a sound reactive public art installation


Kaleidoscope / Interactive fashion photo booth 


Led Printer / Networked Public art installation / drawing on the sky with colorful LEDs


FLOW / Procedural visual synthetiser


Nest / public space installation / be creative by using your own shadows and siluettes


Alpha (1 & 2) / installation / try to observe the piece without disturbing its inner flow


TweetPositive / public space installation


MÜPA Liszt Series  / introducing the notations and routes of a composer


Ice Grapher / game / try to draw by skating, win the game


Silhouette Mirror / game / play with your shadows / sound readtive animation for kids


Shanghai Synth / environment / spatial sounds combined with kinetic algorithmic movements


Kertek Alatt / live performance / sampling, synthesis & procedural drawing


SpaceScan / experimental interface / reversed projection for displaying information


Prototypen / outdoor public installation for trees and waterdrops


Strings / installation / synthesis based on movement of the crowd


Graphit / instrument for live performance / creating sounds by drawing & connecting graphit lines


Mandala / an instrument for observing the inner space / synthesis, procedural drawing


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